Policy on copyright on legal materials

From Riverview Group Publishing

The Queen’s Printer for Ontario holds copyright in Ontario statutes, regulations and judicial decisions. The Queen’s Printer permits any person to reproduce the text and images contained in the statutes, regulations and judicial decisions without seeking permission and without charge. The legal materials must be reproduced accurately, and Crown copyright in the legal materials must be acknowledged in the following form:

© Queen’s Printer for Ontario, 20__.*

The year of first publication of the legal materials is to be completed.

The Legislation Act, 2006 sets out which copies of Ontario statutes and regulations are official copies of the law. Reproductions of statutes and regulations that are not official copies under that Act must state that they are not official versions. Reproductions of judicial decisions must state that they are not official versions. [1]


  1. Queen’s Printer for Ontario, Ontario.ca <https://www.ontario.ca/page/copyright-information-c-queens-printer-ontario>, retrieved on 2021-07-01