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Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 all meetings and consultations will be held via phone or video using our Online Meeting Portal

Our Philosophy

Riverview is about finding the answers that make sense. We look at cases from an end to end perspective, it is important to us that we find legal options that are compatible with your goals and objectives.

Small Claims Court
Landlord and Tenant
Civil Litigation Services
Law Library Services
* Upto $35,000 per party
* Contract Disputes
* Personal Injury
* Debt Collection
* Garnishments
* Dog Bites
* Landlord & Tenant Representation
* Maintenance Issues
* Non-Payment of Rent
* Harassment
* Evictions
* Illegal Evictions
* Commercial Landlord & Tenant
* RTA Exempt Tenancies
* Tort Law
* Condo Disputes
* Neighbour Disputes
* Trailer Park Disputes
* Paid Research Services
* Legal Encyclopedia Access
* Self-Representation Support
* Legal Opinions
* Ready to print submissions
* Legal Tests

Our People

Shaun D. Harvey, B.A
Mitchell Kent
Gloria E. Ichim J.D
Licensed Paralegal
Live Chat
Licensed Paralegal
Live Chat