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Shaun D. Harvey, B.A Licensed Paralegal


Mitchell Kent ---
Telephone: (226) 600-1076
Licensed Since: September 11, 2013
Status with LSO: In Private Practice

My Bio

Who I am? My name is Mitchell Kent. You may have heard of me. However most of you haven’t heard of me, and that’s fine. That’s what this bio is for, it allows you to get to know me. I was born and raised in the beautiful city of Ottawa. I fell in love with the law by an accident. I took both of my high school’s law classes as I was developing an interest in politics. I realized a great way to understand how the government makes law was to the law classes.

Fast forward through college, 2 diplomas for Law Clerk and Paralegal studies, and a 2012 licensing exam. I decided to move to the Greater Toronto Area, namely Oshawa. The move to Oshawa forced me to grow as a person and to take on new opportunities. One of those opportunities was to join the Paralegal Society of Ontario and volunteer with the Education Committee. After the Paralegal Society of Ontario and the Licensed Paralegal Association merged into the Ontario Paralegal Association. I continued to volunteer with the Ontario Paralegal Association. I did this by joining the Marketing/Communications Committee, where I served as a member before becoming Vice-Chair, and finally Chair of the Committee.

I took an interest in my personal development by joining my local Toastmasters Club. This is where I refined my communication, listening, and more importantly leadership skills. I have served in several different leadership positions and have just recently been elected President.

I pride myself on my commitment to personal growth. While, I’m constantly refining my communication, listening, and leadership skills. I look for opportunities to develop new skills and refine my existing skills outside of the big 3. I’m always exposing myself to new ideas, concepts, and views. I value my ability to understand another person’s idea, concept, or their views.

Cases Cited in:

Case Name Legal Issue(s) Considered
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Flooring v Iron Horse Construction Corporation, 2019 CanLII 94001 (ON SCSM) Garnishment
Heidenreich v Snell, 2013 CanLII 82848 (ON SCSM) Limitations
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