Newmarket - Small Claims Court (ONSCSM)

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Newmarket Small Claims Court
50 Eagle St W,
Newmarket, ON L3Y 6B1
Phone: (905) 853-4809

Contacting the Court

Getting through the automated system to speak to a real person

Dial: (905) 853-4809

  • Press (1) for English
  • Press (1) for courts administration
  • Press (2) for the Small Claims Court Office
  • Press (4) for the Small Claims Court Office
  • Press (6) for Scheduling information [email protected]
  • Press (1) to speak to a live person in the Small Claims Court Office.
  • Direct Extension 6285 to Court Room 2002

Trial Scheduling Office

Submitting Evidence to the Court

Motion Days for Small Claims

Motion days for the Newmarket are generally Wednesday's and Friday's

Enforcement Office