Newmarket - Small Claims Court (ONSCSM)

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Newmarket Small Claims Court
50 Eagle St W,
Newmarket, ON L3Y 6B1
Phone: (905) 853-4809

Contacting the Court

Getting through the automated system to speak to a real person

Dial: (905) 853-4809

  • Press (1) for English
  • Press (1) for courts administration
  • Press (2) for the Small Claims Court Office
  • Press (4) for the Small Claims Court Office
  • Press (6) for Scheduling information
  • Press (1) to speak to a live person in the Small Claims Court Office.
  • Direct Extension 6285 to Court Room 2002

Trial Scheduling Office

  • Email:

Submitting Evidence to the Court

  • Send all documents that the party intends to rely upon to

Motion Days for Small Claims

Motion days for the Newmarket are generally Wednesday's and Friday's

Enforcement Office

  • Email: