City of Waterloo - Re: Rental Housing Licensing Process

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Core Documents

Renewing a licence

Required Forms (Once a Year)

  • Up-to-date Gas or Oil Heating Appliance Inspection Form - Download, or;
  • A Declaration of No Gas or Oil Fuelled Appliances Form - Download, and;
  • Insurance Declaration Form - Download

Required Forms (Every 5 Years)

A Guide to the Renewal

Step One

  1. Collect all the existing licensing documents. [1]
  2. Review the current lease to find out who is listed as a landlord.
  3. Perform a title search to discover the true owner.
Important Fact:
  • What year is the license renewal in?
  • Are there new inspections required, ESA, Building, and Fire?




  1. 1.0 1.1 Will require an authorization and Consent form if collecting from the city on behalf of the client.