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Kitchener, ON N2H 0A7
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Small Claims Court Services:


  • Thank you for contacting the Waterloo Region Courthouse Small Claims filing email. Please note this email is for the filing of Small Claims Court Documents only. If you have any inquires please email and we will return your email as soon as possible.
  • For Small Claims Court documents you may begin the process can be done here. All allowed email filings will be viewed and actioned as necessary. You will only be contacted if more information is required, upon issuance of the documents or upon scheduling of the hearing.

Please see the Notice to Public and Profession if you have any questions about allowed email filings.

Notice Regarding the Suspension of Small Claims Court Operations

Local Directives in Small Claims

Setting Down a Second Settlement Conference

  • If the settlement conference reads endorsement , " settlement conference to be scheduled...." it is the parties responsibility to go to the clerk and request a date.
  • If the settlement conference endorsement reads " settlement conference to be scheduled by the clerk...." then and ONLY then will the clerks automatically set the matter down for a new settlement conference.

New Directives

  • According to the local court clerks, in April 2020 a pilot project will be launched requiring pre-trial telephone conference for:
a) Trials that have a legal representative on both sides, and,
b) Trials that are expected to take more then one day according to the settlement conference judge.
Representatives will not be able to pick trial dates in advance where the trial is expected to take longer then one full day. The trial must be scheduled by the local Deputy Administrative Justice.

Trial Scheduling

  • As long as trials are not expected to exceed one day the person setting the matter down for trial may ask for any available date at the time he/she pays the trial setting fee.

Local Deputy Judges