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Overview ("CLN") came about as a way for me to save time when performing routine research on client files. As a professional researcher, I found that I was spending a lot of time re-reading the same cases, just to get the small snippet of text I needed for a factum or memorandum of law that I was writing. CLN give me a way to shorten my research and writing process.

Benefits of being an Editor

The primary goal of being an editor for CLN is to save our researchers time in their everyday legal practices. The basic methodology employed works as follows; when the researcher is working on a new case for a client they first review CLN to see if their topic of interest is covered. If more research is required the researcher can create new pages on CLN on the fly. Adding new content is easy and requiress no programming experience. All content is added directly on the website. CLN operates using the MediaWiki engine, this is the same engine that operates Wikipedia.

By dumping all your primary research into CLN before you start your writing process you make it easier to source that same content at a later date.

We do not permit the general public to act as an Editor on our site. To be considered for an editor position you must be licensed by a provincial law society to practice law, or provide legal services. The license must be current, we do not permit student members to act as an editor.

Content Rules

In order to preserve the integrity of the caselaw cite the authors must follow the below rules to ensure that CLN remains an authoritative source for case law content.

  1. Caselaw snippets must be direct copy/paste from the original source.
  2. Caselaw commentaries of any kind are not permitted on any given case law summary page.
  3. If the original source for the case is not available on CanLII or a similar website then the PDF of the case referred to must be uploaded and linked.
  4. All cases must cite their source, formatting rules are posted.
  5. The only alterations to the posted case law snippets are bold, underline, and bold and underlining within the existing text.