Requesting Electronic Court Records as a Non-Party to a Proceeding

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This section refers to requesting copies of information filed with the court where the requestor is not a party connected to the action.

Court of Appeal for Ontario ("COA")

  • There is no fee to request electronic records from cases from the COA as long as the cour file is active in their system.

Walkthrough - Re: Request for Court Documents for Public Consumption

  • Step One (1) - Identity the case title you are seeking the records on.
  • Step Two (2) - Identify the court file number, eg C98954 for the above case. This is normally found in the decision heading. Note: This is not the same as the CanLII publication number.
  • Step Three (3) - Send an email to with the following information:
Re Line:

Electronic Documents Available (General)

Character Codes
ABCO Appeal Book and Compendium
ACA Compendium for Argument - Appellant
ACOM Appellant's Compendium
AOA Appellant Book of Authorities
AOI Authorities of the Intervener
AOR Respondent's Book of Authorities
APB Appeal Book
BOCA Bill of Costs - Appellant
BOCR Bill of Costs - Respondent
EXHB Exhibit Book
EXTB Extract Book
FAP Factum of the Appellant
FEV Fresh Evidence
FOAC Factum of Amicus Curiae
FOI Factum of Intervener
FRE Factum of the Respondent
FXA Factum of the Cross-Appellant
FXR Factum of the Cross-Respondent
RAPB Respondent's Appeal Book
RCA Compendium for Argument - Respondent
RCOM Respondent's Compendium
SAB Supplementary Appeal Book
SABC Supplementary Appeal Book and Compendium
SAF Supplementary Factum - Appellant
SAOA Supplementary Book of Authorities - Appellant
SAOR Supplementary Book of Authorities - Respondent
SRF Supplementary Factum - Respondent
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