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  • A trial map is a document that is designed to assist the litigant or the legal representative in getting through the case. The map outlines each step in the trial process and what requirements are required to be met for each step.

The Map

A summary of the case

  • This should be a very brief summary of the case that you are trying to make to the tribunal. This summary should be no more than four or five sentences, it should include:
a) The key issue in dispute
b) The key legal issue to be decided
c) The outcome the client is looking for

Time Line of Events

  • Include your timeline of events as a reference for analysis

Key Legal Issues

  • What is the core legal question that the adjudicator has to decide on, (eg... did the tenant interfere in the reasonable enjoyment of the landlord) be very specific given your facts
  • What is the legal test that has to be met for the adjudicator to know if the core legal question has been answered.

Key Facts

  • What are the key facts or events that will be used in performing your legal analysis?
  • What does each exhibit say about the remedy you are seeking? How does each exhibit advance your case?


  • Give a summary of how your key facts meet the requirements to meet the legal tests for the relief you are seeking in your application.
  • What do other cases say about your facts, how do you access damages?