Small Claims Court

As stated by Molloy J. in Peck v. Residential Property Management Inc., [2009] O.J. No 3064 (Div. Ct.):

The purpose of Small Claims Court is to provide expeditious and low cost settlement of monetary disputes..

The monetary limit for Small Claims Court is $35,000. That amount is a substantial amount of money.

There are several reasons why you would find yourself at the Small Claims Court. Some examples include:

  • A contractor failed to do the job properly.
  • Issues with a real estate deal.
  • Someone didn’t pay an invoice.
  • Your neighbour is a nuisance.
  • A breach of contract.
  • A violation of your privacy.

The above list is by no means everything. New reasons to sue someone in the Small Claims Court can be created. The Small Claims Court also has the power to order the return of your property.

Having experienced legal representation can mean the world of difference. It is already stressful going through the process, obtaining legal representation can ease that stress. We at Riverview Legal have years of experience handling all sorts of matters at the Small Claims Court.

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