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Landlord & Tenant
Mitchell Kent

Damages on a Bad Faith N12

In a previous article, Going After a Bad Faith N12. We discussed overall process of proceeding on a T5 – Bad Faith Application when it

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Brian Wangenheim on Unsplash
Human Rights
Rachel Stojni

What’s in a Name?

There seems to be a fair amount of confusion about the what guide dog, service animal, emotional support animal. There terms are quite often used

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Hand Cuffs and Justice
Criminal Law
Tim O'Brien

Failure to Comply is Serious

I recently represented an individual charged with Theft under $5,000. The person was released on three very specific conditions which included a commitment to NOT

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Landlord & Tenant
Mitchell Kent

Going After a Bad Faith N12

For information on damages, please read our article Damages on a Bad Faith N12. Your landlord gave you a N12 claiming that they were going

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