Riverview Legal Group

We are a full-service boutique paralegal firm that represents individuals before a variety of courts and administrative tribunals. 

We’re innovative legal thinkers who are always trying to push the boundaries of the law. The law can better serve the people of Ontario when it changes to reflect modern-day values. At Riverview Legal, we do that by arguing new interpretations of the law.

Representation at:
  • The Ontario Landlord and Tenant Board (Tenants & Landlords)
  • The Ontario Small Claims Court
  • The Ontario Human Rights Tribunal
  • The Child and Family Services Review Board
  • The Animal Care Review Board
  • The Ontario Court of Justice for provincial offences

Innovation comes from preparation. Preparation comes research. We do our research when it comes to legal matters. Research in law is what matters. Since we have the research to back our legal arguments, judges and adjudicators listen to our arguments. This isn’t just merely words, you can view our legal research at Caselaw.Ninja. This research is available to anyone who needs it.

We are the authors and editors of Caselaw.Ninja which provides research support for the public as well as other legal professionals.

The paralegals at Riverview also contribute to the growing body of legal writing and discussions through CanLII Connects.

Kitchener Office:

26013 – 250 King Street West, Kitchener ON N2G 1B6

1 (888) 655-1076

Whitby Office:

815 Green Street, Whitby ON L1N 4G2

1 (888) 655-1076