The Dreaded N12, What to do when your landlord wants to move in.

Date: Thursday, June 17, 2021, @ 7:00 PM via Zoom


The focus of this public talk is to provide the necessary information needed for Tenants who have received a N12 from their Landlord. We will be covering several different aspects of the N12.

Learning Objectives

Upon completing this public lecture participants should be better equipped to:

  • Understand what a N12 is
  • Understand your rights as a Tenant when it comes to a N12
  • Understand the process for a N12


  • Summary of a N12
  • What happens after a N12 has been served
  • What bad faith means when it comes to the N12
  • How to spot a defective N12
  • N12 not in the correct form
  • N11/N9 vs N12
  • Types of compensation if the Landlord has been found in bad faith